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    "Instead of giving a piece of fish to a hungry man, teach him, how to catch a fish ".

    This is our organization's approach for the empowerment of the poor & downtrodden population. Based on this our Rural Development Organization has been enhancing various programs since of its inception by 1999. Our ambition is all human community should access to basic livelihood, human rights, social equality, literacy, economically self sustained and needed health services in on legally approved ways and means.

    To enhance our developmental works we have given priority to empower children and women as on the basic phenomenon i.e.,



    • Women are not only mothers of a child but they are the first teachers nurturing good habits, behavior, morality, custom and culture to bring out the child to be responsible mankind for the world community.
    • Children are not only born for joy, fun and pleasure but they are the Iron pillars of the future world. They can make any revolution through by their invention, research, education, skills and knowledge in the future world's science, technology and create a new history
    • A woman is like a tea bag you neverknow how strong she is until she gets in hot water as so they can face any kind of problem and over come them.

    Vision of RDO:

    Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevent

    To ensure a well equipped children and women community as educationally aware, economically empower, politically participative, distress free and access to all health, human rights, trainings and equal opportunity in employment to income generation for a sustainable livelihood and social equality for a just fair society without any caste, creed, religious and gender discriminations.

    Mission of RDO:

    "To educate and train up the society especially the marginalized, vulnerable children and women and the poorest of poor access to a protected, prevented from abuse and exploitation to bring out them from poverty, social, economical, communal discriminations by their own capabilities and render our services to cater their needs in co-operation and co - ordination with them and the National, State, the International community's assistance to establish a peaceful and pleasurable human society".

    Goal of RDO:

    " Set your goals high and don't stop till you get there"

    To identify the needy vulnerable target people especially children needed protection, care & support and the women to be organize them in to micro level Self Help Groups - SHGs and train-up them access to knowledge on realize their existing status and the needed sources to become empowered by channelizing the available resources from Government, Non-Government, International community and Corporate sector's assistance to establish a socially respectable standard of living by their own interest and participation in poverty, illiteracy and communual discriminations eradication programmes by acquire effective skill trainings and education as a responsible members of the human society

    Nature of Our Organisation:

    RDO is a Non-Profit motive, Non-Govt., organization, governed by five numbers of Trustees. Three out of five Trustees are women and the Managing Trustee is one of the three and the organization headed by her. All major decisions are taken by the consultation of the Trustees or board meetings resolution passed by 2/3 of voting by the Trustees. The board meetings will be conducted once in three months. In emergency and needed times the meeting has been convened by the Managing Trustee with seven days before notice to other Trustees.

    As such, RDO has been functioning as on democratic and secularist ways.

    Innovative Approach

    “ Womens are the real architects of society”

    Based on this RDO as gross root level NGO, working locally but thinking globally having been initiated to work on the concept of  "Be the reason some one smiles today ". In this regard we have promoted 600 women's SHGs in our working areas and providing various trainings and promoting micro enterprises for their income generation.


    Legal Entities of RDO

    Legal Status

    • Registered under Indian Trust Act.
    • Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India
    • Registered under Income tax exemption Act, Sec 12A (a) and 80G..

    Registration Number

     3 / 1999 Dated:  15.02.1999

    FCRA Number

     076050057 / 30.05.2002

    Income tax exemption Act, Sec. 12A (a) Reg. No:


    Income tax exemption Act, Sec. 80G Reg. No:

    C.No: 6162E(54)CIT-I/TRY/2013-2014 dt:21.01.2014

    NGO Partnership System Unique ID

    TN/2016/0105670 Dated: 07.10.2016

    PAN Number

     AAA TR 9825 L

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