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    “Service to man is service to god “

    We RDO - Rural Development Organization is an energetic & enthusiastic Social Service Non-Governmental Organization, play a vital role in the lives of the children of widows’, destitutes’, deprived’ and rural poor people’ through VIBHA-USA, since 2007-2008. We are running balwadies (Crèche centers) in 10 remote villages of Pudukkottai, where the absence of Government crèches.

    “ Education is the passport to the function for tommorow belongs to those who prepare for it today ”

    The age between 2-5 years of a human being conceives major importance of their life. Since, in that age what they are learning that only sculpturing their future in terms of discipline, moral, good habits & education etc. Hence, we took an initiative to play a vital role in the lives of poor with the responsibility of social welfare.

    And RDO is also supporting the parents of those children to generate income for their sustainable livelihood by which, if we  take care of the children between 2-5 years of old, mother of those children are can go for work in that time, based on this they could generate some income. Mainly our service gives peace of mind to them. Because of our Care & protection, parents of the children are working without any tension. In these aspects RDO is serving tremendously for the children & society through VIBHA

    As such we are very much happy about our services, since through this project of educational program, we are providing quality education to deprived children, helping their parents to generate income and supporting the underprivileged community to develop. Hence, this project acts as a multi-purpose program. On an average about 250-255 unique children per year are benefitting through our organization with the support of VIBHA.

    Main objectivess of this project are……………

    • To taken care of the children in the day time to facilitate their mother's day time wage earning works without childcare burdens.
    • Prevent their elder brother or sister's school dropout due to sibling care.
    • Motivate & encourage the children's school going habit and procure them with moral behavior.
    • To ensure the malnourished become well nourished and healthy.
    • To promote their parents especially mother's income generation to overcome from poverty and ensure the children's higher education.

    Activities enhancing by this programme:

    • Education through play way method, storytelling, short film show and animation pictures on moral behaviour & confident building.
    • Nutritional supplementary health mix Milk with Palm Sugar.
    • Healthy & Hygenic noon meal mixed with greens, vegetables, pulses etc., and boiled egg thrice in a week.
    • Regular Medical health check-up camps for the children & their parents once in 3 months extending the services to ANC, PNC mothers and other children.
    • Parents Teachers Association - PTA meetings conducted once in 3 months.
    • Refresher trainings to staff once in 6 months.
    • Annual day / Sports day, celebration once in a year.
    • All special days (Independence Day, Republic day, Children’s day and etc.,) are celebrated in these centres.
    • In addition the mothers are associated or enrolled in to SHGs or existing SHGs, provided skill trainings, linked credit and promoted to establish micro enterprises for their income generation with an motto of the improved income will help them to help their children's further studies and the mothers social recognition.

    These are The Multi Sectoral Activities Enhancing Through By Vibha-Rdo's Educational Programme.


    We are enhancing the program Residential Special Training School for the School dropout & never enrolled poor children through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan under The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.

     We have been utilizing this precious program as a step up hold pillar to gain the fruits of these hopeless children's life to attain a brighter future not only in education, but also to develop their character to be respectable, humanitarian to be patron, sociality to be integrated, responsibility towards the world communities' expectation etc., This program has been enhancing by our organization since 2009 –2010. Every year on an average we are sculpturing 40 to 50 children. On the whole, we have educated and main streamed about 300 children so for.

    “The child with out education is a bird with out wings”

    During this reporting period 18 no’s of boys and 16 no’s of girl children between the age groups of 6 to 14 years are accommodated and utilizing the benefits of education, nutritious food, health care, small hazardless skill trainings and other amenities. All the beneficiary children are never enrolled and dropouts and some are liberated from child labours, rag picking etc, through, by our proper care and well equipped teaching methodology the    children’s learning and exposing skills, further study situation has been highly improved.

    Apart from education, children are encouraged and taught by skill trainings and yoga to develop their skills, since Extracurricular activities and skill Trainings are provides the children the best alternate tool to success in their lives. Physical Education and play gives the children pleasure and change of mind. Hence, we have habituted the children everyday to spend two to three hours for physical education.


    School Dropout and never enrolled poor deprived children, abandoned children  & children who lost both the parents, Child Labour &  Bonded Labour children, children of widow’s, destitute’ & deprived women’s.


    • To help the helpless and hopeless children access to education, health, protection, care, emotional support and guidance.
    • To enhance education programs for the poor, and most deprived women's children.
    • To identify the dropouts and never enrolled poor children and provide them food, accommodation & Education through our RSTC- (Residential Special Training Centre.)
    • To eradicate the dropouts of girl children's education from the un-developed rural community and provide them the good education.
    • Rescue the children from child labour, bonded labour and assist them to gather education.
    • To save the children in distress and protect them from abuses and exploitation by providing them good education.
    • To render counseling and guidance services to substance addicted children like drug/ alcohol abuse and rescue them gradually from that by our care & protection along with the education.
    • Children are to be facilitated in every year and they will be trained to complete the school education.
    • Apart from this they will be provided with essential career guidance and other supportive services for their further growth.
    • To enhance various programs to protect the children from all kind of abuses and to give proper education.
    • Along with education, we promote various skill development activities to develop their extracurricular skills.
    •  To ensure the children's basic human rights at all level.
    • To prevent the school going children from dropout for any reason.
    • To prevent child labour, bonded labour systems and work for eradicate the stratifications of caste, community, religious violence.

    These are the major objectives of this great project and the Moto behind this effort is to create good children at present in line with molding them as valid citizen in the future.


    “ We can’t help every one but every one can help some one “

    As we have run the RSTC in a proper manner, where our organization has transformed the lives of so many deprived poor children; the Government has extended the approval to run the RSTC for next five years upto 2021 as such we are running this school legally with the proper registration as per Juvenile Justice Act 2015 of Tamilnadu.


    “ To educate a child is to turn walls into doors

    This programme has sanctioned by Childline India Foundation-CIF supported by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India. Through by this project our organization involving to protect the children between 0 to 18 years from various abuses and rescue them from distress, identifying the missing, run away children, preventing trafficking, child marriage, child labour, bonded labour, sexual harassment and violence against children. Our working areas are Arimalam, Ponnamaravathy, Thiruvarankulam and Thirumayam blocks of Pudukkottai district in Tamilnadu state.


    • Rescue the distressed children and prevent the children from various violence and activities against their human rights.
    • Create awareness among the community on the child rights and existing anti legal activities against children.
    • To gather the public co-operation and co-ordination to save the children and rescue the victim children.
    • To provide legal protection for the rescue and distress children along with core department of the Government.


    • Conducted various level awareness programs, outreachs in school, bus stands, Railway stations, street and people crowded areas about childline1098 and activities of it.
    • The Revenue department officials in the 3 working Taluks are given the trainings on Childline 1098 and their legal responsibilities, their duties and authorities to the Thasildhar, RIs, VAOs and Village Assistants etc,. This training includes on child rights POCSO act, Child marriage and Child labour categories of child abuse etc., and if the revenue officials failed to take action the punishments for them are also exposed.
    • Awareness programs has been conducted for the Rotary, Lions, City, Royal club members to gain their co-operation for the successful implementation of the program with an explanation of Childline 1098 and its objectives and the need of their involvements.
    • The District Social Welfare Office officials are also given Childline awareness training about child marriage, child marriage prevention act &on their duties and responsibilities and authorities.
    • School students outreach programme has been conducted in hundreds of schools from primary level to higher secondary level on their responsibilities to save the peer groups and theKomal film screened to expose on good and bad touch are explained.
    • Open house programmes that is, the students have to express their village or school based needs to the Panchayat Presidents by drama, mono acting, oratory and poems requesting to solve their problems. By which most of the problems of schools, villages are solved especially portable drinking water, drainage, toilet and compound wall for schools..

    SE-DOSTI programs – Children’s day celebration:

    We would celebrate Children’s day in our service area every year about 7-9 days (Nov.13th to 21st). In that we would conduct following events……

    • Multi Stake Holders Meeting 
    • Press Meet
    • Raksha Bandhan with Allied Systems
    • Oath taking in all Blocks & Posters Release   
    • Signature Campaign- Child Protection
    • Children's day Celebration- Screening of Komal Film with Friendly Interaction & Discussion
    • Rally about Child Protection & Child Sexual Abuse 
    • District Level Children’s Day Celebration
    • Child friendly day Celebration with Special Children 
    • Legal Camp


     We have conducted Taluk level Advisory Board Meetings once in every three months to block level officers in our service blocks under the presidentship of respective Thasildhars about to discuss Child care & Protection. 

    In these meetings we had discussed about child related issues and problems. We have raised the awareness to ensure the Child rights and Protection. 



    This program called as “Strengthening Women Empowerment through Electoral Process – SWEEP’. Our organization RDO has sanctioned to enhancing this project in Thiruppathur and Sakkottai blocks of Sivagangai district in Tamilnadu.Through by this we have covered 66 Panchayats - 40 Panchayats in Thiruppathur blocks and 26 Panchayats in Sakkottai blocks.

    This project’s major goal is to motivate the women to participate in the Panchayatraj elections to contest as candidates for Panchayat presidents and Ward members.


    Our THP Team has conducted the 41 "SWEEP - Village level Meetings" in our service blocks along with Rallies to create awareness between the general public about Panchayatraj election and especially about women participation.


    To ensure 100% women’s contesting, we have identified hundreds of women they came forward to contest in the election and to equip and motivate them we have conducted this potential leadership workshop. In this workshops the participants are educated on how to file nomination forms how to undertake canvassing campaign among the public to collects their votes, also they are educated on Panchayatraj laws, and after election how they have to participate in the Panchayatraj meetings, passing resolution etc, and never allowed to act their husband or any other of their family’s male members. And 100% exposed them to prevent from provide money or in kind of gifts for vote etc…


    One of this SWEEP program on September 3rd we have convened a press meet at Pillaiyarpatti, near Karaikudi. In this meeting the local press persons and the existing Panchayat presidents and ward members were participated. They have exposed about the SWEEP program and the importance of women’s contest in the elections and motivate the participants to encourage the women and ensure the goal of 100% women in all the seats except the reserved areas of 33% of seats.


    The donor agency THP – has announced a Toll free number of 09266616777 to provide further more information to the public and the election contesting candidates, the voters etc, regarding the Panchayatraj election. Through this, if they given the missed call to this number, the general public would get the auto call and receive the complete information about the Panchayatraj election, Norms, Roles and Responsibilities and how to Nominate.


    We have enhanced the wall writings in all the target 66 Panchayats includes the hamlets about the Panchayat election to create the awareness between the people.


    We have established a cultural team consist traditional programmers. Through by them we had set a mobile van and conducted the cultural programs in all 66 Panchayats includes various hamlet villages to create awareness among the public especially on women’s participation and ensure 100% women’s contesting in the election out of the reserved seats of 33% for women. The cultural team has prepared a script and conducted street theatre programmes and prepared awareness creation songs exposing with dancing and composed music to attract and educate the people.


    Through by our effective implementation process other than the reserved places of 33% for women 40% of women came forward to contest for the post of Panchayat President in common seats and 39% of women are came forwarded to contest for the post of Ward Members in common seats apart from women reservations.


    “If you want to eradicate poverty, first you have to improve the poor’s livelihood sources by proper employable skill trainings”

    In this regard our organization has established skill training centre in tailoring for the flood affected family’s women and young girls at Kurinjipadi in Cuddalore district. During the time of heavy rainfall and flood happened during November & December 2015 most of the people in this Kurinjipadi Taluk had lost most of their livelihood sources and at the time of RDO’s flood relief work the women and girls are requested us to provide some skill trainings access to their life. 

    In this connection VIBHA has granted this program and we have initiated and functioning this training since June 2016. This program has trained totally450 nos. of young girls and women. Average 50-60 nos. of beneficiaries (Trainees) has given the training per batch for 3 months duration and totally 8 batches has completed. 
    The trainees are provided training in cutting, stitching, embroidery, jaari works, fashion making and designing etc…


    • 5 nos. of our trained women and girls had jointly established a tailoring unit named “AnanthaVinayagar”, at SKS Nagar, Kurinjipadi and enhancing the income generation program.
    • To motivate and encourage their joint entrepreneurship, RDO has provided embroidery machine on free of cost. Above 95% of  the women and girls those are completed the training are employed in various sectors of private tailoring units and some of other are involved and established their own individual units in their own villages and gained a respectable livelihood sources.
    • 95 Nos. of women and girls are get loan and purchase of tailoring machine for their own income generation activities.

    The trained and employed women and girls are conveying their heartiest thanks to VIBHA-RDO for the provision of the training and regained their life.


    During this reporting period we have sanctioned by one day training program by the AGM of NABARD, Pudukkottai for awareness generation to the SHG’s women of Arimalam block.

    In this regard we have convened the SHGs women and conducted the general awareness trainings on 15th December 2017 at Arimalam and 3rd November at Sandaipettai. In this training the SHGs women are educated on the importance of SHG, need of regular small savings, internal credit and recovery management, methods of functioning the SHGs, book keeping, bank accounts management, public relation, improving leadership quality, need of women’s entrepreneurship and income generation. Also, the participant women are educated on general health, personal hygiene, child care, awareness on need of child rights protection, their education and the ill effects of child labour, child marriage, child abuse etc, are had been exposed to the participant SHGs women.



    Even though the women have worked more than a man they have receive low wages. Because they have controlled by the communual based systems and most of the women population are not having proper skill trainings and improved knowledge, low self confidence they mostly depending others of the male community.

    But our organization believed the concept of Mahatma Gandhi as "Women empowerment is the basic foundation to empower theirfamily, the community she belongs and gradually the Nation". So, we have promoted 600 and more SHGs in our Pudukkottai district and launched various skill trainings for them. 
    Those are…….

    • 30 Nos. of adolescent girls given skill training in embroidering, fancy jewels making and home appliances repairing for one month duration under Integrated Child Development Schemes-ICDS.
    • 30 Nos. of women / girls are trained in tailoring at Pudukkottai and 43 nos. of women and girls given tailoring training at Narthamalai, 16 Nos. of Women / girls trained in tailoring at Arimalam, and 30 women / girls trained in embroidering at Pudukkottai. All these 119 women / girls trained by the Agricultural Department for one month duration.
    • 80 Nos. of women / girls given computer training for 2 months duration at Arimalam under SJSRY scheme for the Town Panchayat beneficiaries.
    • And 80 Nos. of women / girls of Town Panchayat are given tailoring training for 2 months duration at Arimalam under SJSRY scheme.


    • SHG women's awareness training given on Childline 1098 includes Child marriage, child labour, child abuse etc., are exposed.
    • Health awareness programme for women given on immunization, health check-up, anemia, nutrition, child care and hygiene are exposed.
    • Created awareness about chid sexual abuses & Pocso Act 2012 between MGNREGS workers.
    • Conducted special events on Independence Day, Republic day, Children’s day and etc., and awarded the winners with compliments.
    • Celebrated World Women’s Day on 8th March with volunteer’s support.
    • Providing Skill Development Training at free of cost for widows, destitutes, deprived & poor women and orphans. And providing the same at minimal cost for others at Arimalam, since 1999.
    • Volunteer service for the needy poor & victimized children, women and community.
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    E-Mail  : rdo2002in@yahoo.co.in